Alpha is a series of ten sessions exploring the Christian faith in an informal and relaxed environment. Each evening begins with a meal, followed by a short talk, then time for discussion and questions. Topics include Who is Jesus? and How can I be sure of my faith?

at 8pm in the Family Centre
An opportunity to explore the Basics of the Christian Faith
Short talks by Tom, Jacqueline or Jeremy followed by an opportunity to ask any question over a cuppa tea and a biscuit. Come to one, some or as many as you can.

Oct 6            Who was Jesus? his claims
13                    Who was Jesus? the evidence
20                   Why did Jesus die?
27                   How can we have faith?

3 Nov              No Alpha: Half-term break

Nov 10           Who is the Holy Spirit?
17                   How can I resist evil?
24                   Does God heal today?

Dec 1               How does God guide us?

8                      How can I make the most out of life?

Please contact the Church Office (Tuesday-Friday, 9.30-2.30pm) on 02890 491436 or phone Jacqueline 02892 647912, to find out more or to register for the next course.
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“Attending Alpha not only enabled us to develop our relationship with GOD but also with one another. We also found it a great opportunity to meet and form friendships with others from the Church who we had not previously had the chance to get to meet.”