Creative Arts Festival weekend (7th-9th June)

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“The world is charged with the grandeur of God”; an idea expressed by Gerard Manly Hopkins, in his poem by that name, but it is surely evident to all who look around, who listen, who smell, touch and taste.  The world is indeed a wondrous environment.  In recognition of that Belvoir Parish is organising a Festival of Creative Arts, a celebration of beauty and wonder from 7th to 9th of June.

Friday 7th June from 7.30 – a worship concert led by Robin Mark and band.  Robin’s songs and lyrics are known and loved across this land and beyond.

Saturday 8th June from 10.00am to 3.00pm – a craft and food fair.

Everything is created locally and can be viewed, tasted, touched and purchased.  There will also be a demonstration of flower arranging, our first attempt at a workshop experience.

Sunday 9th June 11.00am – a celebration of Pentecost, the festival that remembers the outpouring of the Spirit of God, the source of all things creative and artistic.  Robin Mark will be teaching on this subject at this service.  Dress code: casual and/or creative!

Belvoir Church of Ireland (opposite Newtownbreda Tesco on the ring road) is a developing community of faith, embracing a style of worship and discipleship that is creative, involving theatre, writing, art, crafts, music, dance…  The church through the centuries has often expressed the beauty and wonder of God in its architecture, its words, its art and its music.  We are trying to rediscover some of this in a contemporary setting.