The Daily Candle …stopping for a moment, lighting a candle, saying a prayer.

If you have any photos or videos you’d like to share, please send them to Chris Bennett 07980 885991, preferably via WhatsApp.

To note:

1. We would love photos or videos of all kinds – stories, poems, craft projects, family updates, things that have helped or inspired you, hopes, dreams, thanksgivings, etc. 

2. Also footage of your Daily Candles being lit – a long-shot of the candle when being lit and then a separate close-up of the candle burning(for about 1 minute if possible). 

3. When filming for The Daily Candle please hold the camera sideways (‘landscape’) rather than upright (‘portrait’) so it’s a wider picture.

Any questions, feel free to contact Chris Bennett 07980 885991.