Prayer Chain

praying_on_bible_red (1)People need prayer and to know that there is a place or person to call when in need of prayer is comforting. When facing problems, knowing that others care and are praying for you can be such a source of comfort and support. Many have said when they know others are praying for them, they can feel those prayers and it really does make a difference.

Those of us who are members of the Prayer Chain feel this is a very powerful ministry of our church. We welcome new members to join us on the Prayer Chain at any time.

How Does the Prayer Chain Work?
The Belvoir Parish prayer chain is operated by email. When the Prayer Chain Coordinator receives a prayer request, she then sends the request via email to all the members of the prayer chain. The Prayer Chain members then include that person in their prayers. It’s as easy, and yet as powerful, as that!

How can I be added to the Prayer Chain list?
To join the Prayer Chain list, please follow this LINK or send an email to with your name and email address and “Join Prayer Chain” in the subject line or call the church office and we will get you praying! No meetings are required.

Prayer Request
If you have a prayer request you can ring the parish office or send an email to with “Prayer Request” on the subject line. Your request will be anonymous, unless otherwise stated, or you can write your prayer request exactly as you would like it sent out.

The Importance of Prayer
In Corinthians chapter 12, Paul explains how, through the Holy Spirit, we in the church were baptised into one body; the body of Christ in verse 26, he writes, “When one member of the body suffers, all the members suffer with it, if one member is honoured; all the members share its joy.”
Jesus asks us to love one another as he loves us. When we pray, we show God we know he is in charge and that we have faith in the immeasurable scope of his power.  That is why it is so important we pray for each other.

Notes for Prayer Chain Members
It may be more difficult to pray for people we do not know and/or when information is vague, but this is often the type of request received. Trust in God’s wisdom and omniscience. He knows the details we are missing and we can confidently lay our concerns in his hands regardless of how little we know.
At times, prayer requests are of a personal nature and strictly confidential. Even if they are not, Prayer Chain members are urged to always use prayerful discretion about sharing information outside the chain.
Requests may not always come when it is “convenient,” and so your involvement will at times entail a sacrifice. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the power of and need for intercessory prayer and the fact that such “labour is not in vain.”