Join us for our very first Sunday Club Scattered starting this Sunday at 12pm !! 🥳

We will be having Virtual Sunday Club for primary-aged children. And the 11-14’s are having their own gathering too. All on Zoom. You don’t need to download anything you just to make sure that you have sent an email to giving parental consent and contact details, then you’ll receive instructions of how to join the Zoom meeting.

⭐️ Sunday Club will be talking about Paul and Silas; why don’t you watch this video and find out more about them.

🌈 Keep sending in the painted pictures, we still have loads of church windows to fill! Perhaps this week we can do some A4/A3 paintings on the theme of Love (Philios and Agape). ❤️
📸 Feel free to upload a photo of the artwork to this post as well or post it in our Belvoir Parish Church Family.